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Content marketing is the art of using words, images and videos help to convince, educate and sell what you do. We use blogs, websites, social media, video and images to create online marketing content that convinces people to do business with you. We’re in an era of information overload so creating relevant content, in the right places, at the right time is key to breaking through the clutter. Give people something useful, entertaining or educational and they’re more likely to pay attention.

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Our content marketing services include:

content marketing-seo


Our copywriters understand the web and SEO. Every article or blog we write is geared towards driving traffic to a website or encouraging a call to action.


Social Media

We help our clients define the role of social media in their overall marketing strategy so that the content we create adds value and achieves the desired results. Check out our social media services



We use video to educate, provide proof, demonstrate and convince. People have less time and shorter attention spans, so video is a great alternative to lengthy text.



Great imagery is good way to get products published on other websites. We’ve had great success in this area and it’s a clever way of keeping web publishers interested.

Some of the content marketing campaigns we’ve created

  • content-marketing-trellidor

    Specifile article

    We write regular articles on behalf of Trellidor for the Specifile website. The purpose of the articles is to inform architects and specifiers about the new range of products Trellidor has introduced. The articles provide a constant source of authentic … Continue reading

  • content-marketing-trellidor-video

    Trellidor Clear Guard strength test video

    Demonstrating the strength of a Trellidor is central to the brand’s positioning. Video is used to prove what Trellidor claims in its advertising and build confidence pre and post sales. Videos are hosted on YouTube and embedded on their website, … Continue reading

  • content-marketing-trellidor-facebook

    Trellidor Facebook

    Trellidor’s social media strategy is designed to help South Africans be safer at work and home. It’s not only about promoting product but showing their support for anti-crime initiatives and encouraging communities to get involved. The 3500 Facebook fans have … Continue reading

  • content-marketing-corobrik-blog

    Corobrik Blogs

    We create regular posts for SA Décor & Design on behalf of Corobrik. These posts are a great source of authentic back links and help to continually add value to their SEO score.

  • Bfor Blogs

    Bfor is an online electronics retailer and being in a very competitive environment the blog posts help attract visitors researching products they sell and build the brands credibility as technology experts. Blog posts are also used for content in email … Continue reading

  • content-marketing-trellidor-blog

    Trellidor Blogs

    Publishing regular blog posts for Trellidor has helped improve their organic rankings for keywords that have been difficult to rank via their website. It’s also allowed them to publish regular content about crime tactics, community projects and other activities their … Continue reading

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