Email Marketing

Great design, relevant content and targeted audiences is what it takes to make sure your campaigns don’t end up in junk mail.


Effective email campaigns only target people that want to hear from you about what they’re interested in, at a time most convenient to them. It’s all about them – get to know who you’re talking to and they’ll reward you by taking the action you want.


4 things you need to break through the clutter…

  1. Clever Design:
    It’s not only about looking good. Call to actions in the right places are super important to encouraging clicks.
  2. Relevant Content:
    Give people what they want and they’ll look forward to receiving your email. The last thing you want is to end up in their junk mail.
  3. Interested Subscribers:
    Growing a database takes time and patience but you’ll be richly rewarded in the long run. Ask permission before you send and make opting out easy.
  4. Ongoing Measurement:
    Our clever software will help you track who’s opening your email and what they’re clicking on. Measuring campaigns provides great customer insight.

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Some reasons to consider Email Marketing:

  • Launch a new product
  • Improve customer knowledge about your products or service
  • Share helpful advice that will build your brand credibility
  • Improve customer service
  • Make an announcement
  • Up-sell or cross-sell products

Benefits of Email Marketing:

  • Cost effective – only pay for the people you send to.
  • Very measureable – track exactly how well the campaign performed and make adjustments to improve the next campaign
  • Build relationships – keep in touch with your customers so it’s easy for them to keep doing business with you.
  • Encourage referrals – reward customers that refer their friends.
  • It’s personal – the more information you put in, the more customized the content.
  • Immediate response – you can prompt people to take action and give them the tools to do it.
  • Get quick feedback – make your customers opinions count by asking them what they think – then act on it.

Some of our email campaigns

  • content-marketing-rigana-email

    Rigana: Launch of Dyno Tab product

    When Rigana launched their new range of fuel management products they wanted to tell their existing customer base about how they could save money. The strong subject line helped achieve an 18% open rate and we sold the benefits of … Continue reading

  • content-marketing-psa-email

    PSA Customer newsletter

    PSA send newsletters to their existing client base about new products or services. Emails are segmented into different types of customers depending on the products they purchase. The average open rate is 18% with an 11% click through rate.

  • content-marketing-email-campaign

    Trellidor Monthly customer newsletter

    Each month the entire database is sent a newsletter which includes the most popular blog posts, website articles and security tips. This allows Trellidor to maximize the content created through the month by packaging it neatly and delivering it to … Continue reading

  • content-marketing-trellidor-email

    Trellidor Welcome email for new customers

    Each customer receives this email after purchasing a Trellidor product and it includes the relevant franchise contact details for easy reference. Emails are segmented according to what product was purchased. This gives Trellidor the opportunity to up or cross sell … Continue reading

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